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Lebanese Universities and Other Related Links:

American University of Beirut
Lebanese American University
Université Libanaise
The University of Balamand
The Embassy Of Lebanon

Lebanon`s Media:

MadLeb.Org For All Your Needs!
CNN Middle East News !!
LBCI (LBC in Lebanon!)
LBC Sat. (LBS Satalite)
MTV (Murr TV in Lebanon!)
FTV (Future TV in Lebanon!)
TL (TeleLiban TV in Lebanon!)
METV (Middle Eastern TV!)
DailyStar Newspaper (in Lebanon)
Al Nahar Newspaper (in Lebanon)
As Safir Newspaper (in Lebanon)
Al Anwar Newspaper (in Lebanon)
LibanCom ( MP3's in this site)
Data Management (Leb ISP)
NetHopper (Leb ISP)
Cyberia (Leb ISP)
Destination (Leb ISP)
BigNet (Leb ISP)
Lebanon Tourism!!
Lebanon's Virtual Mall
Lebanon Info. and Servers
Lebanon The Rising Star!!

Syrian Links:

CIA World Factbook About Syria
Syria Glossary Links and Much more
Syria's Schools
Syrian Info. Tourism, Educational services and more!!
Good Syrian Insight
Ministry of Tourism -Syria
Syria Times

Jordan Links:

Jordan Times (Newspaper)
Jordan National Information System
The Official Jordan Grand Prix
Jordan's Embassy and Information Bureau
List of Jordan's Schools
Jordan Online
Jordan -A Country Study
Jordan Statues, work of art

Entertainment and Appetizers:

Free International Auctions & Classifieds!

Free postcards!
Free Emails!
Free Voice Chat
Free Internet Bouquet Dilivery covering all Lebanese territory!!
Listen to Arabic Music!!
Rabih El-Khawli's Page
MP3 (Harmony's room)
Aboul_Abed Jokes!!
Lebanese Online Food Store! Hungry?
Flower Delivery Directory

Send Flowers!!

The Page
Karaoke Music Center
MadLeb's MP3 Center
Airline Tickets
Work at Home
Satellite TV
Direct TV
Dish Network
Domain Registration Review
Web Design
Credit Report
Home Improvement
Dream Interpretation

Irc Server Links:

Channel Lebanon (mIRC)
Channel AngelWinks (mIRC)
Channel Angels (mIRC)
Channel ArabianHorses (mIRC)

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