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**Note: When you click on the links below you may be taken to another page where you will find the link you need to DOWNLOAD the file.**
Y2K Ready? Ck Out Mcafee.com

CIH virus info and removal

CIH Detector and Removal DownLoad it NOW!

CIH DEACTIVATOR you would probably need this as well so downlaod THIS ALSO!

How To Use CIH deactivator

Norton AntiVirus Command Line Scanner(detection and removal system for viruses and trojans).

Protect Yourself from IRC Nukes and ICMP Floods

Vtcpup protection against Nukes

Secures your Internet connection and Protects against Nukes

This should install winsock extra protection for your convenience

NukeNabber2.9 (Closes Open Sockets and Protects your pc from nukes)

Anti-Trojan, To detect the Viruses for you to delete them.. Cleaner3.1.exe

Antigen should help protect Your PC from outsiders (restart Pc after download)

Good BO detector and remover without restarting your pc

Removes Dmsetup and script.ini from your computer (shutdown Mirc b4 running this program)

Virus Scanner (7.5MB)

ConSeal PC FIREWALL 30-Day Trial (Excellent protection for your PC)

ConSeal PC Firewall (Cracked Version) To last a lifetime.. Download at your OWN Risk

Zone Alarm a Dynamic Firewall


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